sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2006

E aí vai, então, a minha desastrosa 1a composição (ai que vergonha!!!)
Só mostro as outras se eu tiver muito encorajamento!


[CIFRA: A - Bm - D ad infinitum]

i hope that my dreamgirl doesn't cross my way
cause as shy as i am i won't know what to say
i'm so afraid that if she crossed my way
i wouldn't be so brave, i'd let her slip away.

please don't you come around, my dear happiness
my house is full of dirt and my mind's a mess
i'm so afraid that if you come away
i won't know how to convince you to stay.

that's why now i'm wishing for the worse. (2x)
the so-called good things are not so good.
it never lasts & when it ends it really hurts.

i think i better find a doctor and see
if there's any cure for my disease, which is
i fall in love way too easily
my heart falls so carelessly

at the sight of you a stroke i felt
like butter on fire my heart just melt
my doctor says he's obliged to tell
falling in love is not good for my health.

that's why now i'm just wishing for the worse. (2x)
falling in love is nothing but a curse.
falling in love is an excuse to get hurt.

keep in mind all will pass in time
keep in mind everything keeps flowing by
don't you rejoice too much with your joys
but don't you be so sad when you feel the void.
keep in mind all will pass in time
keep in mind everything keeps flowing by.

now i really wish my dreamgirl comes away
i wanna find her out 'fore my life starts to fade
cause i'm so afraid my dreams will be delayed
until the end of time, until the end of days.

(Ai que vergonha!)