quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2004

< por que diabos "Dirty Little Mummie"? >

por causa do seguinte trecho da gênia Lydia Lunch...

(recomendadíssimo o disquinho acima - "Widowspeak", o BEST OF da L.L.)

< We are injected into this world like dirty little mummies... the roads are slippery with blood, but no one seems to notice... born bathed in blood... to die the same... everyone is travelling at their own speed towards the exit sign, down a blind alley at the end of which waits a scaffold. We are all suffering from collective induced fiction, bundles of conditioned reflexes, victims of an ambushed memory, suffering from a historical lobotomy, consumed by junk culture in a third world country. I know that the only minds which seduce are those who have destroyed themselves trying to give their lives meaning.>
LYDIA LUNCH – “A Short Story Of Decay Pt. 2”