terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2007

:: cute little thing ::

you're chewing aspirins like M&Ms
anything to dull the pain.
the doctor says it's nothing that
a little courage wouldn't fix.
so they put you up on morphine
and they strap you to the bed
saying "darling it's just a bad dream,
it will all be over soon..."

keep movin on'.

[casey dienel. fat old man. ]

caiu dos céus um presente na minha mailbox; pode ser só uma mísera mini-carta, escrita mais pela gentileza de demonstrar gratidão do que por qualquer outra razão, mas vindo de quem vem - a mais nova pequena gênia da música americana.... - eu só consigo me sentir assim: tontamente alegre feito criança na manhã de Natal. =)

"dear eduardo,

forgive me for not writing back sooner to your fervent e-mail, which, by the way, was very kind of you. i'm astonished to have such an ardent fan in far-away brazil, and honored!

myself, i couldn't hope to do more with my songs than inspire other people and perhaps provide some kind of comfort or assurance with them. i will do my best to maintain that kind of tradition in the future. thank you for writing! xox.casey"